RAYS Колесный диск Gram Lights 57 Optimise 17х8.5, ЕТ-40, 5х114,3 Time Attack Edition

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Колесный диск RAYC серии Gram Lights 57 Optimise 

Gram Lights 57 Optimise 2008 Time Attack Model.

These wheels were a limited edition and are only available for a limited time in this colour.

Flat Black and Red Lip.

These wheels are produced in Japan at the Rays Wheels factory. RAYS ingenious casting technology is used on this wheel, allowing it to be as strong and lightweight as possible. This wheel conforms to the JWL Japanese safety standards, plus RAYS engineering strict in house quality control tests. 

These wheels are cheaper than the Volk Racing range, hence making them a very popular wheel to use on the road, or for drifting. Either way your car will look great! It will go very well too; a 17X9.5J rim only weighs 8.75kg!

These wheels are available in 4 and 5 stud fitments in common widths, offsets and diameters to suit a limited range of Japanese cars.

These wheels come complete with a valves however center caps are optional.

Compatible with WR Type and RF Type Center Caps. Please check the related links for these items.

SIZE: 17 x 8.5
ET: -40
PSD: 5 x 114.3

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16.08.2016 17:42:43
Какой вес диска?
Назаров Юрий (Administration)
16.08.2016 18:22:49
Добрый день, 8,91кг.
Подскажите, этот товар подходит на ...?
25.07.2017 11:32:37
mazda 3 bl 2011
Назаров Юрий (Administration)
25.07.2017 12:41:17
Добрый день, скорее всего будут вровень с арками, также нужно понять размерность резины.
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