AEM 30-0310 Проводной контролер Wideband для UEGO X-Series

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The AEM X-Series Inline Wideband Controller features a low-profile weather resistant enclosure with interface options
suitable for most data loggers and ECUs. The AEM inline controller is ideal for all vehicles including carbureted
applications and engine dynamometers. A 0-5V analog output is included and can be used with data loggers or
aftermarket ECUs including the AEM Infinity Engine Management System (EMS). In addition, an AEMnet (CAN bus) and
serial data stream are also available for logging or mixture control purposes.
The X-Series Digital Wideband technology is Patent Pending.
· X-Digital Technology
· Free air or resistor trim calibration modes
· Fast response, 20ms typical
· 8.0:1 to 20.0:1 AFR / 0.55 to 2.00 Lambda
· Supports Bosch LSU4.9 Sensor
· Supports vehicle/system voltages up to 16V
· Low-profile, weather resistant enclosure
· 0-5V Analog Output
· AEMnet (CAN bus) Output
· Serial RS-232 Output
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