YOKOHAMA ADVAN Neova AD08 Покрышка 245/40R17

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Покрышка YOKOHAMA ADVAN Neova 

225 - 40 - 17

Yokohama's ADVAN Neova is redefining ultra-high performance in the United States. Having undergone vigorous computer simulations, exacting laboratory tests and extreme punishment on some of the toughest racing and test circuits in the world, the ADVAN Neova will allow you to push your car to new levels while maintaining constant, predictable control.

  • Serrated Groove Walls - Vertical grooves along the outer and inner circumferential grooves provide reinforcement to lessen stress on the block edges for greater durability.

  • Dimples - Release heat generated during severe cornering.

  • Optimum Groove Positions - Three circumferential grooves, ideally placed, promote proper water drainage without impacting cornering grip.

  • Rounded Block Design - As the tread strikes the road surface, the rounded blocks allow for a more stable contact area that envelops the road. This uniforming ground-contact pressure greatly enhances dry road grip.

  • Unique Casing Shape - Improves feel and drivability by optimizing the contact patch shape.

  • Micro Silica Compound - The combination of more, smaller-size silica particles and high-grip carbon creates massive traction in hot, dry conditions as well as cold, wet conditions.
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Вопрос по товару
18.06.2014 12:18
Добрый день, есть ли в наличие комплект данного размера? какой год выпуска резины?
Баздырев Алексей (Administration)
18.06.2014 15:02
Добрый день. Комплект есть. Резина 11 года.
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