AP RACING CP5005-2 Тормозная система для Escort Cosworth

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 AP Racing the worlds premier brake & clutch specialists, are able to apply their unrivalled experience into producing upgraded brake kits for a range of models for competition use.
The brake kits detailed are compatible with standard suspension on all applications, but in the majority of cases will require an aftermarket wheel.

Formula Competition Brake Kit s Have:
 Race winning pedigree.
AP Racing's braking products have won thousands of races including over 250 GP victories, stopping many world champions, in championships across the globe.

- Technology developed over 40 years of racing success.

- Racing aesthetics.

- Increased stopping power.
Large ventilated discs and multi piston calipers mean more power and superior cooling.

- Superior fade resistance.
Greater tolerance to heat build up means consistent stops.
Categories within Competition Brake Kits

Model Year    1991 in
Brake Caliper Type    CP5040
Brake Disc - Drilled    N/A
Brake Disc - Grooved    CP3580-2898/2899G8, Ø330 x 28mm / 48 Vane
Brake Pads    CP3215D50-APF403
Wheel    8J x 17" ATS/TSW Hockenhim
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