BMS N55S1B Чип для BMW 135i, 335i e9x, 535i F10, X5, X6 и 535i GT N55 2011+ Stage 1 (Harness type B)

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BMS N55 Stage 1 BMW Performance Mapping (February 2011 and later build dates)
Exclusively for the BMW 2011+ BMW 135, 335, 535, 535xi, X3, X5, X6 & 2010+ BMW 535i GT N55 Motors
For BMW E87 / E88 / E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 / F07
This plug and play tuner attaches to$four easy to access sensors in the engine bay and works with your factory DME tuning to remap your boost, timing, and fueling for optimal performance and reduced turbo lag. Power gains on an otherwise stock car are up to 50hp and 60tq to the wheels. Installation is very discrete and it quickly removes without a trace when needed. Fuel economy during normal driving is unchanged.   
• 2011+ E90 Sedan 335i / 335xi
• 2011+ E91 Touring 335i / 335xi 
• 2011+ E92 Coupe 335i / 335xi
• 2011+ E93 Convertible 335i / 335xi
• 2011+ E87 135i
• 2011+ E82 135i 
• 2010+ F07 535i GT
• 2011+ F10 F11 535i / 535xi
• 2011+ X3, X5, X6 N55 TwinPower
The optional CAN Tool lets you read and delete potential hidden codes right from the OBDII port inside the car and is suggested for those under factory warranty. It also includes an optional in dash boost gauge, shift light, DPFIX, and other diagnostic features. 
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BMS CABLE Кабель для логгирования JB3/JB4 (Datalogging Cable)


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BMS CT-BMS CAN Tool with OBD-2 Harness
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  • BMS CT-BMS CAN Tool with OBD-2 Harness
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BMS CAN Tool with OBD-2 Harness
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