GO-APR BP100001 Патрубок двойной на дросель для VAG 2.7TT

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APR 2.7T BiPipe Kit

The APR BiPipe Kit eliminates any and all reliability issues of the 2.7T throttle body boot. This cast aluminum pieces features recirculation valve ports that are enlarged, which helps in reducing boost spikes during gearshifts and improves turbo response after the shift. The BiPipe bolts to the throttle body and is sealed by an O-ring. This is the first in a long line of products that APR has developed in-house using our SLA technology.

Application Guide
Year Model Engine
2000 - 2002 S4 2.7T
2000 - 2004 A6* 2.7T

The APR Bipipe is designed for the S4 and A6. APR does not guarantee fitment on the 2.7T Allroad as some modification is required at your own risk.

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