GO-APR CB100030 Выхлопная система RSC кат-бек 3" для VW Passat (B6) 2.0T

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Выхлопная система от катализатора APR 3" для VW Passat B6 2.0T FSI

APR's B6 Passat Exhaust is a stainless steel, 3.0" mandrel bent, turbo-back exhaust. Unlike most other aftermarket exhausts, the APR exhaust is a full exhaust from the turbocharger back. The APR downpipe features a high-flowing 200-cell metal high flow catalyst. This exhaust is very quiet and simply changes the tone of the exhaust to a deep, unobtrusive sound. With TIG welding, fully stainless construction, and CNC'ed hangers, you will not find a higher quality system on the market.

All APR exhausts come with a full lifetime warranty, and all are fully polished with the APR logo acid etched on each tip. Each system has an elegant badge identifying the system and the manufacture date.

On the Passat, the stock exhaust is almost 2.5" and flows very well even on a chipped car. Simply adding an exhaust to a stock or chipped 2.0T does not make a very big gain over the stock setup. Unlike the 1.8T, because of the new engine management (ME9) and FSI, there are substantial gains that can be seen by making a software change after adding the exhaust.

With APR exhaust-specific software, peak gains of 18hp and 20lb-ft can be seen. At some RPM's, these gains are as high as 22hp and 25lb-ft. APR exhaust-specific software is available for free for all APR ECU Upgrade customers.

APR is working hard to bring you a full lineup of products for the Passat. Whether for street or track use we will have the right application for you!

VW Passat 2.0T FSI & 2.0 TSI


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