APR CB100043 Catback - PORSCHE 997 Turbo LeMans (no tips)

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Выхлопная система APR для Porsche 997 Twin Turbo

APR is proud to present to our hand made performance exhaust systems for the Porsche® 997 Twin Turbo. Building on 10 years of experience designing and manufacturing the highest quality exhaust systems for the VAG market, APR has set the bar for all other Porsche exhausts to be compared. Exclusive use of T-304 Stainless Steel Mandrel bent tubing, CNC'ed exhaust hangers and bracketry, Ceramic High Flow catalysts, the finest grade of hardware and exhaust clamps, Purge Resonance Technology and Tri Flo design ensures the epitome of performance, sound and style.

APR prides ourselves on enhancing your driving experience with no compromise and our exhausts are a true definition of this philosophy. Deep unobtrusive tone at low rpm's and while cruising with a distinct and noticeable growl at high rpm's or deep into the throttle conjures a glorious symphony of spent exhaust gasses in your wake. Dyno proven performance increases across the powerband show that no loss of low end torque occurs and the entire area under the curve is raised to bring a smooth linear increase to red line. OEM tip fitment on most applications allows our clientele to select from a range of APR exhaust tip options or retain their OEM tips for stealth installation and even install other aftermarket exhaust tips to their liking.

Coupled with APR's DME/ECU Recalibration the performance gains and drivability of your Porsche will truly coexist in a perfect harmony of esthetics and technology. APR's strategy of engineering a full range of engine performance products for Porsche enthusiasts allows our engineering team to work "both ends" of the technologies related to engine hardware AND software, an opportunity rarely found.

APR offers both an exhaust manifold replacement (headers) and a catback exhaust section. The headers are designed to efficently move air from the combustion chamber to the factory turbochargers.

Our "LeMans" catback exhaust system for the 997 Turbo is designed to bolt directly to the factory turbochargers. The exhaust then continues with ultra high-flow, metal matrix catalysts. From there, the gases flow into a large, single rear muffler section. The quieted exhaust then exits the back of the car through the stock exhaust tips. This system is a fully polished, complete bolt on system.

Our free flowing exhaust system helps to generate more power and produce a gentle unobtrusive growl that enhances the mystique of a turbocharged Porsche® flat six.

2007 997 Turbo


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