APR FE100014 Full - 3" VW Beetle/GTI/Golf 2003-05 (with dual tips)

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APR 3" Performance Exhaust System

APR offers a full 3" exhaust for the 1.8T. The exhaust is also available as just a cat-back system

APR's cat-back exhaust is a stainless steel, mandrel bent system. Our cat-back exhaust begins after the factory catalytic converter with a with a 3.0" center pipe which contains a small 4" resonator. The 3.0" pipe continues back to the polished muffler and then to the polished tip or tips depending on your vehicle. With TIG welding, fully stainless construction, and CNC'ed hangers, you will not find a higher quality system on the market.

A 3.0" downpipe for the 1.8T that includes a high flow catalytic converter for the stock turbocharger can be purchased as well.

Full Exhaust
Year  Vehicle  Engine
1999 - 2002*  Golf/GTI  1.8T
2003 - 2005  Golf/GTI  1.8T

*This system will work for a 2000-2002 but requires the lower rear valance of a 2003+ model year.
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