GO-APR FE100026 Полный выхлоп 3" для AUDI A4 (B7) передний привод

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Выхлопная система APR 2.5" для Audi A4 B7 1.8T Quattro

APR's A4 Exhaust is a complete stainless steel, mandrel bent, cat-back exhaust. On an A4, the catalytic converter is bolted to the turbocharger and then the exhaust begins with the downpipe. Unlike most other aftermarket exhausts, the APR exhaust includes a 2.5" downpipe. The exhaust then continues back to the innovative center muffler, where it splits into dual 2.25" pipes. Each of these mandrel bent pipes goes to its own muffler with a 3.5" rolled, round tip. Customers may also purchase a Testpipe which remove the OEM catalytic converter.

With this being the 3rd chassis A4 to hit the market, we at APR have had years to continue the development of the perfect exhaust for the A4. This has led to our newest and best system. Fully polished, mandrel bent, tig welded, CNC'd hangers, deep tone and superior flow culminating in the best money can buy. All APR systems come with a lifetime warranty. Buy today to get your A4 that look and feel that only an APR exhaust can bring!!

2005-2008 Audi A4 B7 2.0T FSI Manual with FrontTrack


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GO-APR CD100015 Катпайп без катализатора для AUDI A4 (B7) 2.0TFSI
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