GO-APR IC100003 К-т фронтального интерскуллера (частичный) для AUDI S4 2.7TT

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Комплект патрубков интеркулера APR для Audi S4 00-02

Improved cooling leads to smoother and a more consistent power delivery. The APR intercooler upgrade for the S4 is a combination of RS-4 intercoolers and APR designed and developed peripheral parts. The RS-4 intercoolers provide cooling superior to that of the stock S4 intercoolers. Besides being larger, they offer better build quality utilizing aluminum end tanks that are welded to the radiator cores. However, the highlight of the kit is the APR custom designed silicon hoses.

Unrivaled Fit and Finish

The hoses included in the kit are true custom hoses. They are not a combination of off-the-shelf or modified parts. Instead, they are specifically designed for optimized flow by minimizing straight sections and maintaining a maximum radius throughout. These are true one-piece silicon hoses made from our own tooling created in house. These hoses, along with the RS-4 cores, insure the most thoroughly developed intercooler upgrade option on the market. You won't find this level of refinement in any other kit.

The Kit

The kit consists of two primary parts: one, the intercoolers themselves, and two, the hose kit and associated hardware. The hose kit is made up of two turbo to intercooler hoses, two intercooler to bi-pipe hoses, eight clamps, the horn re-location bracket, and cap screws and lock nuts. This hose kit is available separately.

2000-2002 Audi S4 2.7T

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