SMC Система впрыска метанола STI

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After months of design & testing, SMC is proud to announce the addition of a custom alcohol system for the WRX. The kit uses the Subaru 1 gallon washer fluid tank as a reservoir- this makes for a very simple and stealthy install. Included is a small auxilliary washer tank/pump that mounts in front of the battery so yes, you can still clean your windshield.

Also new is the Progressive Controller... This microprocessor based unit will automatically increase spray pressure as boost rises, and allows you to set the boost level at when spray begins , and when spray is at max.. A bonus with this controller is the smaller size - it measures only 2.75" wide x .9" high x 4.6" deep. If you have changed out your factory radio it will fit perfectly in a pocket underneath your new radio, which makes for a very nice look. 

Also included is the custom spray nozzle. It mounts in the outlet of the intercooler from underneath and is totally hidden, and sprays directly into the throttle body. 

Expect up to 18 psi on a Stage 2 car. Stage 3 or 4 cars have been known to run as high as 24 psi on 93 octane with alcohol injection. An EGT meter, wideband O2, and/or a scan tool are highly recommended at these higher boost levels!
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Вопрос по товару
16.12.2014 09:56:14
Добрый день!
Какой из представленных комплектов впрыска метанола поддерживает постоянное давление в системе, как в топливной рейке авто?
Баздырев Алексей (Administration)
16.12.2014 11:57:59
Добрый день Алексей, ответили Вам на почту.
Вопрос по товару
20.04.2015 09:20:51
Данный комплект работает по давлению во впускном коллекторе или по загрузке форсунок?
Баздырев Алексей (Administration)
22.04.2015 18:20:40
Добрый день, судя по описанию он работает по давлению.
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