FERREA S10099 Пружинка двойная HONDA K20

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Пружинка клапанная двойная FERREA 

ACURA RSX 2.0L - DOHC V-TEC 16 VALVE (K20) - 2002-2004

Harmonics or high frequency fatigue is present in all racing engines and will usually destroy the valvetrain if not controlled. Properly designed valve springs will control the dominant harmonics, provide the needed stability, and reduce valvetrain component wear.
Ferrea valve springs are developed from high strength alloys, including premium grade chrome silicon steel. These springs are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment. Our springs are heat-treated and stress relieved, which dramatically increases the spring’s life. Strict quality control procedures and cycle testing ensures consistency from batch to batch. Ferrea valve springs provide the stability needed for high lift, high rpm racing engines, while minimizing the load loss for today’s aggressive valvetrain combinations.
We expanded our Springs offering to include many new designs and applications. Our goal is to provide the best possible valve-train combinations for all racing environments from circle track, drag racing, motorcycle racing and offshore marine racing.

Type: Dual Spring - Speciial Alloy
O.D.: 22.85 mm
I.D.: 17.5 mm
Seat Press.: 80 lbs
Open. Press.: 190 lbs
Rate Inch: 279 lbs
Coil Bind: 24 mm
Max Net Lift: 14 mm

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