MAP EVO-O2H-EXT "Яйца" для MITSUBISHI EVO 7/8/9 (с выводом гейта наружу, Contoured)

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MAPerformance Stainless Steel External Dump O2 Housing (Evo 8 & 9)

If you're having issues with boost control and/or exhaust back pressure is overpowering the spring in your wastegate actuator preventing you from running higher boost levels this product is the answer! We recommend running this external wastegate in conjunction with your factory internal wastegate for the best of both worlds in regards to spool characteristics, boost control and boost capabilities. Simply run a vacuum line to the external wastegate from your boost controller as normal combined with an additional vacuum line directly from a boost source to the internal wastegate actuator and you're all set, no additional modification necessary!

This unit is 100% stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion and includes a money back guarantee in regards to lower intercooler pipe fitment! It will bolt up to any stock turbo location. It's made of 2.5" diameter piping and includes a stainless steel gasket from the the turbo to the housing and one spring bolt to ease the installation process. All other OEM hardware can be re-used for installation including the OEM donut gasket.

Flange Options
We offer this product with your choice of turbine outlet flange, standard or 3D contoured. The standard flange has been performing flawlessly for the majority of our customers since this product's inception in 2009, but there have been a handful of customers that experienced boost creep when trying to run lower boost levels (less than 25psi) with upgraded turbochargers. In general if you are swapping out your existing o2 housing for this upgraded unit and plan to run 25+ psi you shouldn't have an issue with the standard flange. If, however, you just performed a significant upgrade (complete engine build, turbocharger upgrade, etc.) and would prefer to begin the tuning process below 25psi or if you ultimately plan to run less than 25psi we recommend the 3D contoured option to ensure you have complete boost control.

Our advanced ceramic coating is applied on the outer surface to minimize heat transfer and maintain exhaust velocity for maximum performance. Available in both black or blue it looks great under the hood as well!

Why Choose MAP Products?
If you are looking for some of the best fabrication solutions, or products for your vehicle, Modern Automotive Performance has what you're looking for. Our in house fabricators have over 15 years of experience in the import and fabrication industry, and have made everything from simple brackets, to mass produced products, to all out one-off turbo systems, and utilize only the highest quality of materials, tooling, consumables, and processes to bring our customers the best fabricated products and services available at industry fair prices. Whether you're looking to have a blow off valve flange welded and installed, purchase one of the products in our ever expanding MAP product line, build a fully prepped race car, or anything in between, we have what you're looking for. Whether you have a lightly modded daily driver, a weekend warrior, or a tube chassis race car, the fabricators and staff at MAPerformance will turn your dreams and ideas, into the products and power that no one else can deliver.
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