EVENTURI EVE-F9XM5M8-CF-INT Впускная система V2 для BMW F90 M5, F92 M8 с термоэкранами (карбон)

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Introducing the updated V2 F90 M5 intake system. After the successful launch of our original F90 M5 intake, we have continued to test them on the road and at various track events. Having gathered more data, we decided to seal the openings of the filter housings with carbon shrouds. These shrouds close off the visible filter openings in the engine bay while still allowing for the cold air saturation from the front scoops. ![](//cdn.atomic-shop.com/images/upload/image/39682499213_a0b4c5f444_z.jpg)![](//cdn.atomic-shop.com/images/upload/image/45733596385_2b571820c8_z.jpg)The result is a more stable IAT while the car is at low speeds and slower heat soak while stationary. This allows for a better initial launch from a standstill as the immediate area in front of the filters is shielded from the heat of the engine. ![](//cdn.atomic-shop.com/images/upload/image/31707881667_603e167f07_z.jpg)![](//cdn.atomic-shop.com/images/upload/image/32714373248_958692989d_z.jpg)![](//cdn.atomic-shop.com/images/upload/image/45864343384_ac77233047_z.jpg)The shrouds are crafted from prepreg carbon fiber and will now be included on all new F90 M5 systems at a new kit price. Existing owners of our F90 intake can also purchase the shrouds separately to upgrade their system. Carbon Shroud set for existing customers: EVE-F90M5-CF-SHR

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