STOPTECH 83.858.4700.71 Тормозная система передняя 2PC с насечкой 355X32/ST40 суппорт красный для TOYOTA LC '98-06

Part#: 83.858.4700.71
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Тормозная система StopTech Big Brake Kit ST40 перед для Toyota Land Cruiser
Красные суппорта, диски с насечками
Размер: 355mm x 32mm
All StopTech Front Big Brake Kits Include: 
- 2 Piece Floating Hat & Rotor available Slotted or Drilled*
With Zinc Anti-Corrosion Coating
- ST-40  4-Piston Stoptech Calipers or optional ST-60  6-Piston Calipers in Red, Black, or Silver*
- Caliper Adapter Mounting Brackets 
- Front or Rear Stanless Steel Brake Hoses
- Performance Street  Brake Pads 
StopTech’s® Balanced Brake Upgrade system is Engineered to directly replace the stock system, providing the correct brake torque output using the vehicle’s original master cylinder and no additional proportioning adjustment. Each StopTech® big brake kit includes forged 2-piece aluminum calipers with our patented bolt-in bridges, AeroRotor® two-piece brake discs with aluminum hats, StopTech® street performance brake pads, caliper adapter brackets, DOT-compliant stainless steel brake lines, and all hardware requiRed for a complete installation. Before ordering a StopTech® big brake kit, make sure you print out our wheel fitment template to determine if the StopTech calipers will fit behind your existing wheels without interference.
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