AKRAPOVIC S-K9SO7-ASZT Выхлопная система Slip-On Line (Titanium) Kawasaki Z900 2020 - 2021

Part#: S-K9SO7-ASZT
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Мощность +0.8 kW / 9000 rpm

Крутящий момент +0.9 Nm / 6800 rpm

Масса -2.4 kg

Designed for markets where EC/ECE type approvals are not required, or for track-day use, this titanium exhaust offers a weight savings over the stock system allied to a performance increase for the Z900. It is finished with a carbon-fibre endcap to improve looks and features a new conical muffler design that fits perfectly within the lines of the bike. The Slip-On Line (Titanium) delivers a louder, deeper, and even crisper sound. Simple plug-and-play installation, with no remapping needed, makes this an easy performance upgrade for the Z900.

FITMENT NOTICE FOR US MARKET: Exhaust system does not fit on 2020 Z900 US model. For 2020 US models, see products listed under 2019 model year.

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