OHLINS MIR 5N50 Амортизатор перед TTX (Rally Group N) для MITSUBISHI EVO X

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The next generation of the TPX and TTX damper for Group N series. The TPX dampar have new improved dynamic valves that makes their frequency behavior and force is now set up separately to improve better grip. 
The TTX damper have a new larger check valve design which has a huge effect on performance. 
Improved stiffness and response into the main setting makes it possible to reduce damping levels and gaining grip but at the same time improving control.

TPX44 McPherson Strut
◦ Improved dynamic valves
◦ SDR (Stroke Dependent Rebound)
◦ Improved PDS setting
◦ New main setting

TTX44 Twin Tube Shock Absorber
◦ New extruded tube
◦ New check valve design
◦ New main setting
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