SCHUBERTH 1010007046 Шлем для автоспорта SP1, FIA 8859-2015, карбон, р-р 58-59 (L)

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The SP1 CARBON was developed with extensive wind tunnel testing to achieve ideal aerodynamics
and optimum air flow. It offers a perfect aerodynamic balance that can be customized with various
spoilers and ventilation scoops to meet the requirements of every type of racing.
Small shell XS54 - S55 - M57 - L58-59 weight 1.370 g +/- 30 g
3.02 lb +/- 1.05 oz
Large shell L+60-61 - XL62 - XXL63 weight 1.400 g +/- 30 g
3.08 lb +/- 1.05 oz
SP1 CARBON - FIA 8859-2015 and SNELL SA2020 certified
•Slight mirror red tinted CLEAR visor, 3D injection molded, with
mechanical Pin-Lock anti fog inner liner and tear-off posts
•Both Noise Reduction Earcups and soft Comfort Cushions
•Preinstalled M6 hardware for Frontal Head Restraint attachment
•Padded helmet sack, polishing towel, and visor sticker
Light weight, hand laid T700 carbon, autoclave cured shell.
12 VENTILATION CHANNELS ON THE SHELL Optimum circulation is achieved through aerodynamic design and air flow channels built into the EPS, which provide the ideal flow for intake of cool air and exhaust for hot air. In open air the helmet feeds 14 liters of fresh air per second at 100 km/h. 
3 MM THICK VISOR 3D INJECTED Injected visor directly derived from F1 expertise. Twelve different visors available from transparent to dark with several mirroring and multi-layer mirroring coating options. All standard visors are Pinlock® 120 lens equipped for optimum fog resistant performance. Tear-off buttons are also installed. 
VISOR LOCK SYSTEM Two-stage visor lock derived from F1 expertise. Initial position allows partial airflow, and second position securely locks visor against the eye port seal, preventing rain and dust from entering. 
COMMUNICATION SYSTEM READY Channels in the cheek pads are provided for easy installation of radio communications. A full complement of plug & play integrated electronics are available as an option.
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ARAI 1010000105 Шлем для автоспорта GP-7 SRC ABP, FIA 8860-2018, карбон, р-р L
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