HKS 53004-AT020 Карбоновый к-т обвеса TYPE-S (спойлеры перднего/заднего бампера + спойлеры порогов) TOYOTA GR YARIS GXPA16

Обратите внимание: изображение на сайте может отличаться от фактического внешнего вида товара.
■ Concept
Vehicle inspection compatible aero parts that express the strength while retaining the taste of HKS racing style. By installing aero parts designed by aerodynamic analysis, we aim to improve running stability performance.

■ Product features

● Front spoiler

HKS inherits the look of successive time attack machines and expresses its strength. Designed based on vehicle scanning data and molded by low pressure rim molding, it has high dimensional accuracy and fits genuine bumpers. Carbon barge panels are mounted on both sides to provide an ideal rectifying effect, while the casual and lacy carbon fiber texture enhances the sense of quality.

● Side skirt

Equipped with a carbon barge panel for the purpose of rectifying the airflow flowing from the front through the canard. The rear part has a powerful shape to give strength without breaking the press line of the genuine body.

● Rear spoiler

It is a type of rear spoiler that can be installed separately on the left and right sides of the vehicle. It is well-balanced with the genuine bumper shape and matches the oversized muffler tail. A carbon barge panel is attached to the side surface to provide rectification and dress-up effects.


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