RACELOGIC RLACS182-M Clip-On Считыватель Can шины для VVB Lite/ VBOX HD

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Clip on CAN Bus interface for Video VBOX and VBOX HD.
  • Fits all vehicles which utilise a CAN Bus.
  • The cable can be installed and removed from vehicles quickly and easily, and can be used for temporary or permanent installations.
  • There is no need to make 'bare-wire' connections to the CAN High and Low wires, therefore no need to cut splice or remove wire insulation and will not void your vehicle warranty.
  • The Clip on CAN Bus interface can be used with CAN operating at any voltage.
  • Being an omi-directional CAN interface, this cable will ensure that no intrusive signals are broadcast on to a vehicle CAN Bus, preventing the risk of warning lights illuminating on the dash board.
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