AEROQUIP FCC0820 Шланг армированый, тефлон -8AN 1метр

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for the most extreme applications

Our Strongest, Most Compatible Hose.
Superior fluid compatibility, abrasion and corrosion resistance for reliable service. 
Made with an extruded Teflon* inner tube that’s compatible with a wide range of fluids, including hydraulic brake fluids.
The hose has a bright stainless steel wire-braid cover that resists abrasion and corrosion, providing optimum dependability.

Applications: Offroad brake, transmission, clutch, gauge, N2O, power steering, hydraulic.

Hose specifications

Hose Dash Size: -08
Hose I.D.: .42"
Hose O.D.: .45"
Maximum Operating Pressure: 2.000 PSI
Minimum Bend Radius: 5.25" 
Vacuum Service: 28 inches/hg

Construction: Extruded Teflon* inner tube with stainless steel wire-braid cover.
Temperature Range: -100°F to +450°F (-73°C to +232°C).

Unmatched Strength. Ultimate Flexibility.
No other product offers the performance and efficiency of Teflon* racing hose.
• Functions smoothly at extreme temperatures
• Withstands constant flexing and vibration
• Resists fatigue and failure under high pressure
• Carries fluids of all kinds without contamination
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